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Sage FacturaPlus Flex is a comprehensive accounting and management software tool with which you can control your business. It's designed for small and medium companies, as well as for self-employed individuals. It includes registries for everything you need to control daily.

Purchases, sales, clients, processes, can all be organized on easy-to-use tables that can help you manage your company's finances to the very detail. Sage FacturaPlus includes features to keep track of employees, products, and suppliers.

With Sage FacturaPlus Flex you can give editing permissions to third persons, such as workers and partners, which is helpful for keeping a better control of the business. The documents on this application are completely customizable, and adaptable to client's needs. Besides, Sage FacturaPlus is completely compatible with other applications from Sage, such as ContaPlus and NominaPlus.
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